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ProMAMA Center Association

WorldBreastfeedingWeek-2013_2Research, Education and Breastfeeding Center. 
ProMAMA Center Association is a Romanian independent, non-profit legal entity, working in partnership with independent professionals and organizations.
The association is established and operates under the Romanian Law.

About Us:
ProMAMA Association is supporting the significance of prenatal education, particularly by promoting the importance of breastfeeding for the mother, the children, the family and society in general, by providing the necessary information so that new families are fully capable to take the proper decisions that will assure an harmonious development for themselves and the babies to be born.

Our Main Goals Are:


1. Preparing and establishing a group of specialists in breastfeeding: people who work in the health department and similar, relative fields, in order to support and promote breastfeeding as well as the permanent establishment of a Lactation Consultant profession in Romania.

2. Founding a support group that will inform, educate, support and encourage mothers towards breastfeeding and give future Lactation Consultants the opportunity to observe, study and practice their newly acquired knowledge.

3. Make public opinion and the authorities aware of the importance of natural feeding, as a way to promote physical and mental health and prevent diseases, in accordance to the indications of specialized European Health forums.

4. Informing and educating pregnant woman and couples of ways to adopt a healthy behavior towards the pregnancy hygiene, be sure of the optimum conditions for physical and psychological development of the fetus and the baby and increase their responsibility level in assuming the roles of future parents.

5. Supporting and promoting after birth non-separation between the mother and the newborn in order to create the necessary conditions of a successful and exclusive breastfeeding.

6. Supporting and promoting pregnant women’s right to freely choose the medical procedures and interventions during the labor and birth as well as breastfeeding, by providing the required information during the prenatal period.

7. The development and implementation of research for underlining the impact of the factors which influence parents and mostly the mother’s behavior towards the prenatal development of the fetus, the newborn and the child during the first years of life.

8. Educating the young generation of future mothers about breastfeeding.

What are the Means to accomplish our Goals?


1. Creating a Lactation Consultant (pilot) Center, a model for other establishments, lead by an International Certified Lactation Consultant, where the future lactation consultants will be able to observe, learn and practice their skills. The center will be a resource of information material for professionals (specialized library, web-site, newsletters).

2. Campaigning for creating a network of lactation consulting centers, following the model of the pilot center, for the entire country; a network financially supported by the National Health Insurance in Romania.

3. Implementing direct education and providing of information to pregnant women at the ProMAMA Association headquarters, the web-site of the association and through the answers given to the mothers’ questions by specialists. Our target is to increase the interest for breastfeeding, help mothers be well informed in matters concerning breastfeeding and ultimately increase the number of mothers who choose to breastfeed.

4. Providing pregnant women and mothers educational and informing resources about natural feeding through printed material (books, brochures, leaflets, posters, flyers), electronic means, the Internet and other appropriate media. Additionally we will attempt to drag the attention and make use of mass media for promoting the concept and the values of breastfeeding and prenatal education in order to eventually affect social mentality on the issue.

5. Basic and continuous training of the staff that works in the health department and other fields of practice, in order to support and promote breastfeeding, as well as the training of the candidates for the international certified Lactation Consultant exam (IBCLC – International Board Certified Lactation Consultant).

6. Organizing conferences, symposiums, congresses, seminars and exhibitions.

7. Cooperating with the relevant ministries (The Ministry of Health and Family and The Ministry of Education and Research), with any person/association/governmental or nongovernmental, national organization or organizations abroad, targeting the promotion of breastfeeding, prenatal education and the official recognition of the Lactation Consultant and Prenatal Educator profession.

8. Approaches and getting in touch with the official national and international organizations for providing the support needed to fulfill the program of the association.

9. Attracting financial support and material resources in order to organize and/or create centers of prenatal education for pregnant women and couples expecting a baby and centers of lactation consultation.

10. Educating the young generation (future mothers) about breastfeeding, in high school and after high school centers.

11. Continuous training of the members of the ProMAMA Association in order to acquire the knowledge and skills required at national and international level.

12. Purchasing, selling or renting estates for the well functioning of the ProMAMA Association.

13. Performing research studies and using the results of those studies to the development and implementation of a healthy behavior for pregnant women, new mothers, couples and newborn children.

Our Future, Present and Past Projects:


  October 11-12, 2014: the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (ABM) and ProMAMA Breastfeeding Association invites you to attend the 5th ABM European Meeting at Hotel CARO in Bucharest, Rumania. The meeting will include speakers from different European countries and the United States. In the evening we will enjoy a dinner in downtown Bucharest. Details about the Event available at and

Dr.-Jack-Newman-in-Romania-May-2014  May, 2014Dr. Jack NEWMAN came for the second time in Romania at the invitation of the Association ProMAMA to support 3-days conference, “Breastfeeding Explained to Everyone, with Dr. Jack NEWMAN “. The event was a great success and the number of participants was impressive: over 300 people: pregnant women, mothers with babies and professionals (IBCLCs, neonatologists, pediatricians, family doctors, childbirth educators, midwives and nurses care…).

We also launched the book “Dr. Jack NEWMAN’s Guide of Breastfeeding” that was published under the support of ProMAMA.

   December, 2013: Researchers from the Healthy Children Institute from USA were in Romania, at the ProMAMA Association’s invitation, for free implementation in maternity hospitals in our country to the Project “Skin-to-Skin in the First Hour After Birth”. The project was presented in 2 public hospitals and succesfuly implemented in 2 private  hospitals. 

Other projects:


  2010 – present, annually: “Education in Lactation”, a 90 hours training Course for the IBLCE Exam, LEAARC Approved. Trainer: Marta MURESAN, MD, IBCLC, IBLCE Coordinator for Romania.
  Free Breastfeeding and Counseling Education for pregnant women and mothers without material possibilities.

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